[1] Camille Serme (Fra) 3-0 [5] Hania El Hammamy (Egy)  11-4, 11-7, 11-8 (35m)

One of those days….

I felt for Hania today, because I know her game and no offence to Camille who played very well and superbly accurate squash, the Egyptian just didn’t play her game whatsoever….

Camille herself noticed how Hania didn’t attack… Well, the Egyptian was not able to find a decent length or dropshot on the backhand practically the whole match. And without her accuracy at the back, Hania’s attacking game doesn’t exist….

All credit to the young Egyptian, she still tried to fight with the weapons she had and varied the angles and height, but against a player of the level of Camille, half your game won’t do…

A good effort in the third though, when down 6/1, the Egyptian gave it a big push, profiting from a little drop of focus from Camille, and came back 7/7. But Camille was too confident by then, and quickly closed the game, 11/8 in 13m (the longest game of the match, the two others being 10m each).

Today, Hania didn’t play a typical Egyptian game, which is an attacking game, but more of a deep in the back game, she didn’t play as many short shots I was expecting her to play. Still her attacks deep at the back were very dangerous.

Obviously, I am very happy to win in three. When it was 2-0, I was actually thinking how nice it would have been to be over. Obviously, I was ready from the start. Even if it was best-of-three, I wanted to keep the momentum going with a really good start and I think I showed that in the first game.

The third game, I was feeling really hot on court. It is warmer today on court and I think I felt a little bit of fatigue and she came back to 7-7. Luckily, I managed to play two good shots at the right time so I am really happy.

The event is amazing. Every time I think of it, or I hear the crowd, I get goosebumps. It is like in the third game, I used the extra push. From the very first match, it was like this and I thought to myself that I wanted to play as much as I could on that court. I just want to finish on a win tonight.

I think I will be watching Sobhy v Perry, maybe while I am having dinner to make sure I recover properly.

I have been watching that even on SquashTV for three years now, and I could see how it would give Grégoire Marche wings, so I’m so happy to be here, and play 4 matches on this court, and I hope to go one  more… I have been to a couple of finals, but it has been a while since I won a tournament. No pressure on myself but I would really love to win this one!