Those behind the Open de Nantes 2018 at the Graslin Theatre and the Open de France at the Château des Ducs de Bretagne have taken the game of squash to an different level.

It already had spectacular venues, but Nantes surpasses them, enhanced by crowds of 900 or more, many new to the sport.

With the expert guidance of the incomparable Romain Suire, the spectators are informed and involved. Featured, too, is the make-up of the crowd with a blend of women and men, far removed from the more often male dominated spectators.

The considerable raise of prize money meant that the Open de France 2019 has been rewarded with a high class draw, led by Camille Serme and Simon Rösner.

So what more can be said to those responsible: bravo à tous pour un évènement merveilleux et magnifique…