[5] Hania El Hammamy (Egy) 2-0 [4] Alison Waters (Eng)   11-3, 11-6 (19m)

Yes, it’s an upset. A surprise, it’s not. Hania El Hammamy, finally crowned World Junior Champion, and just turned senior on the 1st September, just had a great event in China, and although pretty tired from a 19 hours journey to arrive to Nantes, is hungry for more.

Tonight, she was the boss, simply by playing a superb basic squash – her length was just immaculate. She used to be a bit of a junior at times bless her – as she was strangely enough – but after working hard in the summer – she is now more confident to keep the rallies going and is a true threat to all on the tour, although she is about to start Uni – after getting her French Baccalauréat from the Lycée Français du Caire.

Tonight, the game was pretty close up to 3/4 Alison, but from that point on, it was all about Hania finding her target to the millimetre. 8m first game.

The second, pretty much the same, 3/3, 7/3, 9/5, 11/6, with a few more errors from Hania – just trying a bit too much, but a clinical performance tonight to see the top 4 out.

The Egyptian delighted the crowd by talking in perfect French, but she will need more than a few French words to get them on her side against local Queen and Heroine Camille Serme in two days…


Last two times I played, we played at a fast pace, and I was trying to match her but she is much better at it, so this time, I tried to keep the rallies at a mid pace, find my lines and not rush for volleys…

I was a bit worried to have to play during daylight, but it didn’t bother me one bit today.

During summer training, I worked a lot with my coaches Haitham Effat and Ahmed AbdelKhalek on my back of court game, and they gave me a lot of confidence, and I find now that I can play better shots at the front.

I think I have played some good squash over the past weeks, and I’m over the moon with that victory over somebody as experienced as Alison, who beat me twice last year. It was nice to take my revenge, and I’m very happy with my performance tonight.

I love this venue, it’s awsome!!!