[5] Fares Dessouky (EGY) 2-0 [WC] Benjamin Aubert (FRA)  11-2, 11-8 (26m)
[4] Alison Waters (ENG) 2-2 [WC] Enora Villard (FRA)  11-6, 11-2 (17m)

Where we say goodbye to the French Wild Card

If yesterday, Enora & Benji created the upset by ousting Tinne & Rafi, today, the miracle didn’t happen for the home favourite.

Alison just dominated the rallies and never let Enora a chance to really get in the match after a good start in the first, 3/0.

For Benji, completely outplayed in the first game, 11/2, he seemed to be drawn to the front, playing systematically short shots that Fares was reading rather well. And even when the French was finding lovely winners, Fares physicality allowed him to pick them up and transform them in winners.

Good reaction from Benji at 7/3 down in the second, throwing caution to the wind and finally finding some nice balance between speed, attack and depth. Fares, a bit suprised, tried to finish the game quickly, all credit to Benji, and from 10/5 match ball, the French was able to put in some good work squash, but it’s still an Egyptian logical victory, 11/8…

I had never saw him play, and yesterday, he played early, so I didn’t have a chance to catch him on court. As I knew he beat Kandra, I came on court not knowing what to expect, and gave him all due respect.

At the start, he suprised me with his aggression, so I just adapt my game, as I knew he was obviously ready for that match, and wanted to take his space. I still got my shots in, and I didn’t want to make any unnecessary stops.

Today was a test for me, and I’m happy with the result. But BO3 really changes the tactics, and levels it down. Normally, top players will win on physicality, but with those short matches, anything can happen and anybody can win….

I watched her play Tinne  yesterday and she obviously had a really good result so coming into the match, I knew I had to be on the ball from the start. However, I went 3-0 down in the first and I had to make sure I didn’t panic.

Once I found my length and lines I started to feel more confident on there and it is nice to get a first win of the season. I lost in the first round in China so it is nice to come here and relax and go for it, so I am pleased to get the win.
The event looks awesome. I have heard such great things about it, especially with the atmosphere and the crowd, so that was another motivation for me to get through, so I am really looking forward to tomorrow night.