[1] Camille Serme (Fra) 2-0 [8] Millie Tomlinson (Eng) 11-3, 11-6 (19m)

If some players could fee the pressure playing at home in front of a packed house – Thierry Lincou for example, or Shabana didn’t enjoy it that much and always played better abroad – Camille just flourishes on it.

Today, her game firmly in place at the back, her backhand volley – her trademark shot – was devastating, and she went up 7/1 before Millie could say “Château de Bretagne”…. 11/3 in 7m.  The second game saw Camille go just a bit too much at the front for the first three points, and that opened the door ever so slightly to the English, who started to take more shots and find confidence.

4/4, 5/6, before the Frenchwomen found that perfect balance again between defending and attacking, 9/5, 11/6….

Hania awaits…


Playing in BO3 format does add some pressure I find, and although I tried to relax, there were some shots I was not letting the arm go at all – “petit bras” in French we say… So really happy and relieved to take the match in two today against a very dangerous player.

I am happy and relieved because when you are the No.1 seeded, you want to go all the way through to the final but obviously, you have tough opponents before that. I am just happy that this is another step closer. We have had some good matches together and she has had some good matches against Raneem and Laura before so I always take her seriously because she is very talented.

Although I had a rest day tomorrow, of course, I’m already thinking about my semi final against Hania. I saw her play today against Alison. And although Alison was seeded 5, we knew it could be a banana slip, and it was, Hania was extremely solid today.

I use the pressure as more of a boost. I am more nervous about being No.1 seed rather than playing at home. That is an advantage for me because they are very supportive, so it is very positive for me.

It will be best-of-five in the semi-final, so I want to keep the momentum from the very beginning of the match. If I can take the first game then it will put some more pressure on my opponent. I have a rest day tomorrow so I look forward to that, getting some good training in and see how it goes on Friday.