[WC] Enora Villard (FRA) 2-0 Tinne Gilis (BEL)  11-9, 11-7 (24m)
Nathan Lake (ENG) 2-0 Daryl Selby (ENG)  11-2, 11-6 (22m)

Ok, not going to dwell on it, but I really do not care for the best of 3 format. Moving on.

Enora Villard just beat Tinne in Bucarest a few days ago during the European Invididual Champs, and was full of confidence. Tinne though prepared for the battle, was very close in the first game, 8/8, only to bow 11/9, but I felt she was very tired and flat from the third rally in the second.

All credit to her, despite a generous stroke at 7/2 down making it 8/2, she still fought hard and pushed the French girl to a few nervous errors. But a trimmed and fit Enora – she added a new element to her training regime, the presence not only of Philippe Signoret, Malcolm Tullis but now another physical coach, Fred Pfeferberg. That trio did wonders I feel and Enora is fit for the Tour as she probably never was before…

Yes, the physical side of things played an enormous role today. I was always a fighter, but I was lacking a bit on the speed and the explosivity sides of things. And although I would pick up a lot of shots, I would be a bit late on the ball and not able to act on them.

But now, I manage to get early on the ball, and it gives me more choices, and the feeling that I can pick up much more. Those three months of preparation with my coaches, who invested a lot of time and effort in me, really paid off.

I never had any good win, so it was nice last week to finally get a victory against Tinne. But I wasn’t sure how to do today, as if I didn’t have any pressure on my last time, I felt a bit more pressure today. But Philippe reminded me that she is still the favourite, and that I shouldn’t feel I had to win. That helped to keep me relaxed.

And it’s nice to get the points this time round as the European didn’t give us any….

Now, going to savour my victory a bit, relaxed and getting ready for tomorrow’s against Alison Waters – shame not on the glass – but my first encounter with a top 10 and maybe even a top 20! So just going to enjoy it…

Very, very happy. You know what you are going to get with Daryl. He is a good mover, reads the game very well, so I was very happy to get off 2-0 and to start the season off with a win.

I remember last season, it took me a couple of months to get my first win and I wasn’t the easiest person to be around at home so it is nice to get that first win of the campaign.